New Publications and Upcoming Talks

Just a quick post here to note a few professional accomplishments:

  1. I just added a new publication to my vita – a peer-reviewed conference proceeedings article about abstractions for building repeated, related versions of similar predictive models. Check out some longer thoughts on Medium, or read the full article.
  2. Earlier this year, I added an incredibly old project! A paper that I had contributed a bit to in… 2005! finally got published! It has something to do with the way information flows during speech perception… I think…
  3. I’ll be talking at two Meetups this Fall – the RecSys NYC Meetup on Sept. 18th, and the Dataiku Data Science Meetup on Sept. 26th. In both Meetups, I’ll be talking about (different) aspects of recommendations systems I’m building at WayUp.
  4. And I’ll be talking at two conferences this Fall too – the Predictive APIs conference in Boston in October, and DataEngConf in NYC in November. At both of those conferences, I’ll be talking about the software architecture aspects of building job recommendation systems that need to provide compelling recommendations just seconds after a user creates a rich profile.